Exciting, absorbing and fascinating – that’s the world of advertising.  So is The Atomic Garden, a different concept of school. A multidisciplinary space where students learn by working, just as we learned ourselves.

The desire, effort and work are the basis of our method – the only way students prepare to make the leap to the real world of the agencies.

You will learn to create, to listen, to work together and to go wrong a thousand times. Also, you will get to know that no matter how good or bad you had done before – each brief is a new challenge, a new opportunity to show what you’re capable of.

If you want to start one of the most exciting professions there is, welcome to The Atomic Garden.



Creative advertising, digital advertising, strategic planning… Whatever way you choose, advertising is a profession, and you can learn to work on it.

At The Atomic Garden, it all begins with a brief, as it does in real life. It ends with client’s approval, and if not, it doesn’t end, just like in real life.
This is the basis of our method – learning to work with the help of our teachers.

At our school, the role of teachers is different from what you’re used to. They are leaders, they are clients, they are guardians, they are parents (metaphorically speaking, of course), they are older siblings, they are inspiring and above all – exceptional professionals. In short, they are much more than teachers. You will see.


The Atomic Garden is a multidisciplinary space, with over 300 m2 of facilities available for students and guests.

We have 3 fully equipped classrooms, a kitchen (because students must also eat), and a common area in the heart of a city center. Take that!


Aistė Jūrė
Creative director

Aistė is a pure creator of texts and ideas working at the New! agency since the very beginning.

She keeps getting on stage to accept both local and international awards(Epica, PIAF, Adrenalinas, LOGIN, Password) for the most creative advertising solutions. Also, she represented Lithuania at Young Lions.

Aistė likes to experiment in literature and poetry. She is also the author of one of the best design blogs for children in Lithuania.

Andrius Bagdzevičius
Marketing manager
Švyturys – Utenos alus

For 8 years, Andrius has been brewing in different marketing roles in a leading beer company in Lithuania, one of the biggest in FMCG sector. He became passionate about beer after leading Švyturys and Raudonų Plytų brands for some years and believes that it is much more than a drink.

Having his experience with very competitive and complex market of beer, Andrius would share more about brand positioning, differentiation, product portfolio and brand renovation.

Antonio Bechtle
Partner / Creative director
Bechtle & Milzarajs

Antonio, the head of the Creativity course, took his first steps in advertising as a Copywriter at Leo Burnett Lima, later assumed the position of Senior Copywriter in the Peruvian branch of JWT.

After moving to Lithuania, continued his career at Not Perfect Y&R Vilnius, later – at The Milk, the most awarded agency in Baltics, where he spent 7 years starting as a Senior Copywriter leading to Creative Director.

Now Antonio works with international clients as a freelance senior copywriter / creative director and still shares his experience with TAG students.

Arijus Kirdeikis
Head of E-Commerce Department
Inspired UM

Arijus is a Digital marketing professional with more than 9 years experience in markets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. He has a unique combination of digital performance experience: B2B, B2C and more than 3 years in Inspired, what makes him a full scope digital performance profesional with a wide performance competence set:  SEM / SEO / Programmatic / Retargeting, DMP strategies / Segmentation / CRM / DM / SMS/ Marketing automation / UI / UX / etc.

Arnas Aukštikalnis
Creative director
DDB Vilnius

Arnas started his career in advertising at Cannes Lions 2009. Although he visited the festival as a journalist back then, right after that Arnas decided to dive into advertising. He started his career as a creative at Gaumina, then continued his career as an art director at Milk Agency and now he is the Creative Director at DDB Vilnius.
Arnas’ decision to switch fields back in 2009 was probably great as now his portfolio is not only filled with Adrenalinas laureates such as ERGO’s Timeless Insurance but also massive campaigns such as the introduction of Telia brand.

Aurimas Kadzevičius
Freelance art director

For more than 15 years, Aurimas is simply being imaginative. Hes won countless awards for design and advertising while representing some well recognized Creative Agencies. His largest win by now – D&AD pencil – came in 2019 while working independently.

Aurelija Pocienė
Sales and marketing director
Melt Water

Aurelija is an experienced Brand Manager working in the field of marketing for over 12 years. She has been working as Private label Brand Manager for the biggest retailer in Baltic region for almost 6 years.

At TAG Vilnius course for Brand Managers, Aurelija will share her experience and insights about how retailers are suffering or winning with their own brands (private labels). Different approaches or different strategies may be used but at the end… the customer decides.   

Clare McNally
Brand strategist & copywriter
Lecturer at DMJX Copenhagen

Clare McNally is an award-winning Copywriter, Brand Strategist, Author and Educator who sees endless potential in brands and people. She recently founded McNally Unlimited©, a creative brand consultancy in Copenhagen —

Clare has been a Guest Lecturer at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) in Brand Creation, Art Direction, and Portfolio Presentation since 2011. She is also a speaker at a variety of conferences and industry events, including last year’s What’s Next? conference in Vilnius, where she spoke about Responsible Creativity.

Clare was previously Creative Director at Konstellation & Republica in Copenhagen and a copywriter at a variety of international advertising agencies including TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg and 180 Amsterdam. Her work has won international recognition at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, D&AD, The One Show, Archive, and Shots. She has been a jury member at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, Eurobest and the Balticbest Awards.

Dagnė Puodžiūnaitė
Freelance producer, Assistant director
Dagnė’s career in film and advertising started in 2012.
Recently, she’s been working with foreign platforms such as Netflix, HBO, BBC. However, she doesn’t let herself forget Lithuanian cinema as well.
Her plan for the near future is to open a small production company developing various projects: not only the entertaining content, but the ones cracking important issues as well. No superstars nor horses in the fog.
Domantas Gailius
Inspired UM

Domantas is a great specialist of communication strategy, segmentation, writing, digital and conventional media.

Since his early days, he has been curious about everything and has grown into social science practitioner and storyteller.

Domantas’ passion is to absorb leading marketing ideas, mix with imagination, and invent communication strategies which deliver real business growth for some of Baltics largest brands.

Dominyka Jonušienė
PILDYK brand manager

8 years of experience at the biggest creative agencies (from junior project manager to the head of client service), 8 more – on client’s side (from the manager of a sunbeds studio to the brand manager at the largest telecommunications company).

Dominyka is responsible for one of the biggest marketing budgets in Lithuania. She works with strongest creative, media planning, BTL and digital agencies with the result of more than 50 ATL, 25 digital, 10 BTL campaigns.

Dominykas Žilėnas
Creative director
Ogilvy Vilnius

Dominykas started as a copywriter in 2001 and for the last five years, he has been working as a creative director at Adell Taivas Ogilvy, Lithuania’s largest advertising agency.

Dominykas’ work has won a number of local and regional creative awards. His everyday work includes creating briefs as well as ideas, therefore he has something to say for both, accounts and creatives.

Gabrielius Jucevičius
Ogilvy Vilnius

Gabrielius runs Audio classes at The Atomic Garden Vilnius. Before switching to advertising in 2001, he enjoyed some 10 years at different radio stations with a career spanning everything from DJ and morning show host to music editor and program director.

Time spent there made him quite sure the radio is an intimate media full of possibilities rather than just a poor man’s TV. Gabrielius, former part of creative department at Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius, no 1 agency in the Baltics, tries hard to make students real Radioheads and prove that video actually never killed the radio star.

Gintarė Mačiulienė
Freelance retoucher

Gintarė, the master of Adobe Photoshop at TAG, started her career in advertising retouching almost a decade ago at Cyclopes studio, followed by a job at Fotelier studio and finally going freelance in 2014.

Nine busy years brought countless national and international advertising awards to her clients and the honour of being amongst the Lürzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide in 19/20 edition.

Ignas Kozlovas
Creative director

Ignas, the master of Case Studies at TAG Vilnius and the graduate of Lithuanian Academy of Arts, is a holder of several industrial awards, has been a jury member in local and international advertising festivals.

He has worked in Lithuanian agencies such as BBDO, TBWA, McCann, Ogilvy that allowed him to collect a long list of main local as well as world famous international clients such as Tuborg, Audi, L’Oréal, Statoil, few TeliaSonera group brands, TELE2, SEB bank.


Indrė Baltušė
Co-founder & Strategist

Indrė is an experienced strategist of brands and marketing communication, working in this field for more than 14 years. After 10 years’ experience in advertising and public relations agencies, for the last 5 years she’s been managing her branding and digital agencies.

Having her experience with a wide range of strategic brand management, marketing communication, at TAG Vilnius Indrė will share her knowledge of brand identity strategy, it`s creation, brand management, and growth.

Jokūbas Mulerskas
Graphic designer

Jokūbas has worked at New! and Not Perfect, also as a freelancer – with various others (such as The Milk, VRS) as well as startups and developing businesses (Tableair, Naive, Tech Park, Vilnius Airport and many others).

His portfolio has many strong brands in it: Ežys, SEB, Čili, Švyturys, Utenos alus, OKT, Vilnius Art Fair, Kablys.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius Jokūbas shares his knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Jonas Banys
Ogilvy Vilnius

Jonas, a graduate of the School of Journalism in Vilnius, started his career in Communications as an investigative reporter, then took a sharp turn towards advertising. Since then he’s been working with marketing and brand-building strategies for major Lithuanian brands.

As a side business, he is also a screenwriter, having written or co-written scripts for some of the most successful commercial movies in Lithuania.

Jonas has his own opinion about advertising, so he’s in the best position to teach how not to get carried away by the weed-infused glamor of this business.

Jonas Paulauskas

Jonas started his carrier in advertising working as Project Manager in McCann Vilnius. He managed major campaigns and projects for Nestlé brands. After few years of successful cooperation with the client, he joined Nestlé Baltics team where he managed brands and later developed a career in Sales and Category development area.

During 20 years in Nestlé, he accumulated experience in managing sales organization, distribution channels, generating category and shopper insights and transforming brand plans to category growth strategies.

At TAG Vilnius he will share practical learnings and insights on how brand power can be transformed to engaging shopper experience.

Jonas Trukanas
Freelance video director

Jonas, the teacher of Storytelling at The Atomic Garden Vilnius, studied Film Direction at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK.

Ever since then he’s been directing commercials and short films.

Jonas is a two-time Berlinale Talent Campus alumni (2013 and 2017); participated in numerous other workshops (TransAtlantic TalentLab, InScript, European Genre Forum). His shorts have been screened all around the globe; won plenty awards.

Jonathan Howard
Creative instructor
Saatchi & Saatchi

Jonathan spent several years as an award-winning strategic planner at Saatchi & Saatchi London and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

Since then he has trained actors, writers & comedians in improvisational comedy for stage and screen. He’s also worked with young offenders and ex-prisoners, so he sympathizes with the rebellious mindset of creative people.

Joanthan directed world’s first improvised interactive TV drama for the BBC, and is the chief creative instructor for Saatchi & Saatchi Europe.

Jūratė Paulauskienė
Head of Product Development Department
MV Group

Jūratė has more than 20 years of experience in marketing – both on client’s side and at the agency.

For the last 9 years, she has been working at MV GROUP where now is managing four factories: Stumbras, Alita, Anykščių vynas, and Gubernija. Jūratė works there as the head of the Product Development Department and is responsible for rebranding, development, and creation of brands. Product design is a major passion for Jūratė – 27 product design awards from local and international contests definitely proves that.

Jurgis Didžiulis
Social alchemist, edutainer, creative campaigner

Jurgis is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, this Colombian-Lithuanian proves that an artist can do much more than just entertain; he can transform, enlighten and inspire.

His colorful background, ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats effortlessly and connect with audiences in arenas packed with thousands of people, corporate boardrooms, government institutions, and kindergartens alike.

Kristupas Sabolius
Filosofas, rašytojas, vertėjas

Kristupas Sabolius, Vilniaus universiteto filosofijos profesorius ir Masačiusetso technologijų instituto afilijuotas tyrėjas (JAV), tyrinėjantis vaizduotės vaidmenį Vakarų mąstyme. Publikavo kelias dešimtis straipsnių, parašė arba sudarė mokslines monografijas: Materija ir vaizduotė. Hibridinė kūryba tarp meno ir mokslo (2018 m.); Proteus and the Radical Imaginary (2016 m.); Įsivaizduojamybė (2013 m.); Įnirtingas miegas. Vaizduotė ir fenomenologija (2012 m.). Dėsto estetikos, šiuolaikinės meno filosofijos, medijų teorijų, ontologijos problemų ir vaizduotės teorijų kursus. Bendradarbiavo kuruojant keletą parodų ir 2018 m. Lietuvos pristatytą Pelkių mokyklos paviljoną XVI Venecijos Architektūros bienalėje (kuratoriai Nomeda ir Gediminas Urbonai). 2006 m. išleido romaną „Bloga knyga“, yra knygos „Žmogus, kuris žinojo viską“ bendraautoris (2014 m.), parašė keletą pjesių, kartu su Ignu Jonynu sukūrė scenarijus kino filmams „Lošėjas“ (2014 m.) ir „Nematoma“ (2019 m.).

Laura Aleksandravičė

Laura is the founder of a specialized influencer marketing agency While working as the head of marketing for Lithuania at Adidas and Reebok, she has created award-winning influencer marketing campaigns. Now Laura shares her experience based on global practice with local and international brands in the Baltic States. is a specialized agency building influencer marketing strategies and implementing authentic, involving and effective campaigns allowing brands to reach the target audience with a vast net of influencers in the Baltic region.

Mantas Velykis
Executive Creative Director
Clinic 212

Mantas grew up at the time when people were still clicking banners because of excitement – now he is is bringing back the excitement to the internet with ads. Together with students, he tries to find out fundamentals of advertisements you would not want to scroll down.

Mantas’ experience in advertising industry counts 7 seven years: MILK, The Chocolate, Clinic 212 and bunch of other agencies.

For past several years, he’s been working with top brands in Lithuania and his great performance earned him awards in Golden Hammer, Baltic Best, Password, Adrenalinas, Login and even in PR!

Marius Lukošius
Creative director
Not Perfect Vilnius

During 19 years in advertising, Marius has worked with almost every major brand in Lithuania and won numerous awards in various local and international creativity festivals, including Cannes Lion.

Matas Pocius
Head of Email marketing unit

Matas’ portfolio counts more than 250 clients, hundreds of web pages and thousands of newsletters.

This was achieved while working with internet projects at the largest retail trade network Maxima for 5 years and at the leading web and mobile development company NFQ Technologies for more than six years.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius Matas shares the secrets of Email marketing with the students of Digital Advertising course.

Renata Šarkauskaitė
Creative director

Renata, the head of Copywriting at TAG Vilnius, started creating ads more than a decade ago and since then has appeared on the film shooting sites from Vilnius to Singapore and won dozens of awards at the most important European advertising festivals. Many impressive advertising campaigns and TV spots have been created in collaboration with the directors from all around the world.

From the very beginning of The Atomic Garden Vilnius, Renata was teaching TV advertising and Creative Criterion, and after a short break, she’s back at The Atomic Garden Vilnius! Now she’s here on a very important subject – Copywriting. She ‘s the guide in practice of creative writing for the students of TAG.

Rimantas Stanevičius
Creative director

Rimantas is the head of New Media at TAG Vilnius. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands from every industry one can imagine. P&G, Philip Morris, Ikea, Eurosport, L’Oreal. Retail, politics and financial services. Milk, seven times agency of the year in Lithuania, number one agency in the Baltics for three consecutive years and a holder of the creative case at Golden Hammer, has been working with Telco brands in throughout the Baltics and in most of CIS countries.

Having a psychology and communication science background Rimantas is currently pursuing his EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, playing accordion and doing triathlons.

Rita Šimkutė
Head of Brand & CEM
Lietuvos draudimas

Rita, together with the team, drives several areas of the business in Lietuvos Draudimas: brand, marketing communication, research, and customer experience. As in any business organisation, those areas are directed towards the results. Rita follows the approach, that communication and brand do not have to be only ‘beautiful’ – they, at first, have to be inspiring and effective. And it is very good if they are beautiful, too.

Rita‘s experience is related to work in the creative agency (working with the largest finance and telco clients), and also with work on the client‘s side. Valuable experience, gained in a creative agency, contributed to the possibilities to gain more business areas in Lietuvos Draudimas: starting from the management of communication for two products, towards wider areas of brand and all communication, research, and customer experience.

Salomėja Normantaitė

Salomėja’s journey from promo girl to the head of one of the strongest BTL agencies in the Baltics – TOTEM – lasts 15 years already. Her experience progressed while working not only with an organized creative team but also with the most famous brands from Lithuania and abroad. At The Atomic Garden Salomėja will be sharing her knowledge about the challenges, potential and sometimes the tough reality of BTL.

Saulius Balčiūnas
Videomaker, lecturer

Saulius, Apple Certified Pro – FCPX, started his filmmaking career back in high school. Today he has almost ten years of experience in filming documentaries, commercial and corporate after-movies, and live broadcasts.

Saulius can be called a One-Man-Band or a Guerilla Filmmaking professional – as he’s qualified in creating high-quality video content with minimal resources.

Saulius has worked in many different videomaking fields: from idea creation, production management to drone filming, audio postproduction, and graphic animation. He’s actively collaborating with various video production companies such as Wide Wings, StepDraw and others.

Saulius Baradinskas
Freelance video director

In 2017, Saulius shot his debut short film “Golden Minutes” which was filmed in one take and on film. The main role was created by famous Scottish actor Billy Boyd, who starred in Lord Of The Rings as a hobbit. Saulius is noticed for directing music videos that already got recognition in the Baltic states. In 2018 annual music video awards Saulius was selected as the best director of the year and won the best music video award for directing. In 2017 Saulius directed a commercial feature film comedy which was a blockbuster.

Teklė Kavtaradzė
Writer, screenwriter, actress

In 2017, Teklė won a Golden Crane award for the best original screenplay for the movie The Saint.

In 2018, she was awarded with Auksinis Scenos Kryžius award for the best theater play for children (About Fears).

Tomas Burovas

Tomas is currently a CEO at second biggest TV&Broadband Operator in Lithuania, Cgates.

He is an International Business Manager with over 20 years strong experience in creating company portfolios, sales and brand strategies, brand management, fostering agency relationships.

Experienced in B2C, B2B and work in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Strong in vision and strategy, brand migrations, project management, media understanding, ATL, BTL, teamwork, team leadership, facilitation, result & customer service orientation as well as creative thinking.

Tomas Karpavičius
Creative director
Ogilvy Vilnius

Since the start of his career in 1998 as a designer, Tomas quickly moved to become an art director in Adell Saatchi&Saatchi in 2001.

He later worked in Not Perfect Y&R, Leo Burnett (now Milk), and after almost a decade returned to Adell Taivas Ogilvy as a senior art director.

There, since 2011, Tomas is the Creative Director and oversees work of 7 creative teams. He enjoys watching this agency go through fantastic growth and recognition as well as brilliant awards performance.

Tomas Kauneckas
Photographer / owner

Tomas, the master of photography at TAG Vilnius, is one of the most professional fashion and advertising photographers in Lithuania and founder of Ciklopas photography studio – one of the largest photo production providers at the Baltics.

Also, he is a member of the Club of Press Photographers of Lithuania, participant and winner of annual contest Auksinis Kadras.

Tomas Nemura
Choco Agency

The head of Digital Advertising course, Tomas is the managing director at Choco Agency – one of the main digital agencies in Lithuania.

For the past decade, he has been advising major Lithuanian brands and companies on shaping their communication strategies and making clients see how equally important social media channels are in today’s advertising world. Tomas works with very important clients such as Tele2, Wrigley, Nescafe, Skittles, Maxima and many others.


Tomas Ramanauskas
Founder / Creative director

The master of History of Advertising. Tomas is a co-founder of youth magazine Pravda, One Minute Film Festival, Freshmen Awards and many others. His advertising career started at Leo Burnett Vilnius, later he was Chief Creative Officer at MTV Baltic. Now Tomas co-owns and co-runs succesful creative agency New! working with local and international clients.

Vladas Litvinas
Freelance video editor

The teacher of Adobe PR & AE, Vladas is a graduate of BA Film & Television at LCC, University of Arts London.

He spent two years working as an in-house editor in a production company.

Since 2014 he’s been doing freelance work for different production companies with a diversity of directors.

Vytautas V. Landsbergis
Rašytojas, bardas, režisierius

Vytauto veiklų sąrašą būtų galima tęsti ir tęsti, tad veikiausiai, nėra ko stebėtis, kad jis buvo įvertintas ne vienu Lietuvos kultūros apdovanojimu. 2007 metais Baltijos valstybių teatrų festivalyje Panevėžyje V. V. Landsbergis pripažintas geriausiu režisieriumi. Tais pačiais metais jam įteiktas Riterio kryžius „Už nuopelnus Lietuvai“, o 2009 m. tapo LR Vyriausybės kultūros ir meno premijos laureatu.


Interships at agencies


Currently, more than 90% of our creativity students who have passed through the school are working in advertising agencies. After completing the course, students will make a round of interviews with some of the best agencies in the country with the aim of finding the most appropriate agency for themselves and to start their internships or dive straights into the ocean of employment.

Strategists and digital advertising students usually come to upgrade themselves either already working in the agency or on the client’s side. In any other case – we always help them to get into the right contacts while getting a dream job.

International network


The Atomic Garden is more than a school, it is an international network with a presence in different countries like Spain and Santo Domingo. We are The Atomic Garden Vilnius, we are The Atomic Garden Madrid, we are The Atomic Garden Lima, we are The Atomic Graden Santo Domingo. You will see, we are much more than a school.