Video development

Video development TBA



This is a three-month course in video development. Students will go through all stages of video development: generating ideas, scriptwriting basics, visual communication, producing and filming basics.


The main goal of this course is to create a safe working space, where filmmakers can work and develop their own ideas with mentor help. All the course is based on working directly with mentors so the student could work independently on his own video project idea. It could be a short film project, youtube vlog, a commercial or a series of video clips. The main work will be focused on student personal project so it could be developed to further stages of preproduction.


Consecutive work of three months with professional mentors, starting from creating an idea and ending with a script in the final draft, video treatment, and a 1-minute video test. Students will go through all the development with the help of mentors:

  • First 5 weeks – working with an idea and the draft script;
  • Next 3 weeks – visual treatment and producing of the video test;
  • 1 week – video shootings;
  • 1 more week – preparation for the final pitch.

It all ends with the final event – open pitch where the students will present the results of their work to the public.


  • Start date
  • Duration
    14 weeks
  • Price
  • Daily schedule
    15:30 on tuesdays & 14:00 on fridays
  • Location


Saulius Baradinskas
Freelance video director

In 2017, Saulius shot his debut short film “Golden Minutes” which was filmed in one take and on film. The main role was created by famous Scottish actor Billy Boyd, who starred in Lord Of The Rings as a hobbit. Saulius is noticed for directing music videos that already got recognition in the Baltic states. In 2018 annual music video awards Saulius was selected as the best director of the year and won the best music video award for directing. In 2017 Saulius directed a commercial feature film comedy which was a blockbuster.

Jonas Trukanas
Freelance video director

Jonas, the teacher of Storytelling at The Atomic Garden Vilnius, studied Film Direction at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK.

Ever since then he’s been directing commercials and short films.

Jonas is a two-time Berlinale Talent Campus alumni (2013 and 2017); participated in numerous other workshops (TransAtlantic TalentLab, InScript, European Genre Forum). His shorts have been screened all around the globe; won plenty awards.

Dagnė Puodžiūnaitė
Freelance producer, Assistant director
Dagnė’s career in film and advertising started in 2012.
Recently, she’s been working with foreign platforms such as Netflix, HBO, BBC. However, she doesn’t let herself forget Lithuanian cinema as well.
Her plan for the near future is to open a small production company developing various projects: not only the entertaining content, but the ones cracking important issues as well. No superstars nor horses in the fog.
Saulius Balčiūnas
Videomaker, lecturer

Saulius, Apple Certified Pro – FCPX, started his filmmaking career back in high school. Today he has almost ten years of experience in filming documentaries, commercial and corporate after-movies, and live broadcasts.

Saulius can be called a One-Man-Band or a Guerilla Filmmaking professional – as he’s qualified in creating high-quality video content with minimal resources.

Saulius has worked in many different videomaking fields: from idea creation, production management to drone filming, audio postproduction, and graphic animation. He’s actively collaborating with various video production companies such as Wide Wings, StepDraw and others.

Teklė Kavtaradzė
Writer, screenwriter, actress

In 2017, Teklė won a Golden Crane award for the best original screenplay for the movie The Saint.

In 2018, she was awarded with Auksinis Scenos Kryžius award for the best theater play for children (About Fears).