Digital Advertising ONLINE

Digital Advertising ONLINE 9th of February


The time has already arrived when one can’t make a distinction between online and offline. The digital age is absolutely present in all the stages of advertising: from receiving a briefing from the advertiser, planning a strategy and during all the creative process, buying media, measuring results…

It is time to lose the fear of technical terms and understand all those essential concepts in the world of digital advertising whilst getting all this from professionals in action.

The main outcome of this course – your brand digital strategy. How does this work? You choose a brand and adapt all the theory instantly in practice: analyzing it using different approaches, building creative concepts, designing UI/UX, managing traffic and much more.

All in all, you get the answers to any questions your client or your boss may have in real-time without having to say: “I’ll consult someone and get back to you.”

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  • Start date
    9th of February
  • Duration
    2 months
  • Price
  • Daily schedule
    Three times a week – 18:00h to 19:30h
  • Location
  • Language


Tomas Nemura
Choco Agency

The head of Digital Advertising course, Tomas is the managing director at Choco Agency – one of the main digital agencies in Lithuania.

For the past decade, he has been advising major Lithuanian brands and companies on shaping their communication strategies and making clients see how equally important social media channels are in today’s advertising world. Tomas works with very important clients such as Tele2, Wrigley, Nescafe, Skittles, Maxima and many others.


Jonas Banys
Ogilvy Vilnius

Jonas, a graduate of the School of Journalism in Vilnius, started his career in Communications as an investigative reporter, then took a sharp turn towards advertising. Since then he’s been working with marketing and brand-building strategies for major Lithuanian brands.

As a side business, he is also a screenwriter, having written or co-written scripts for some of the most successful commercial movies in Lithuania.

Jonas has his own opinion about advertising, so he’s in the best position to teach how not to get carried away by the weed-infused glamor of this business.

Mantas Velykis
Executive Creative Director
Clinic 212

Mantas grew up at the time when people were still clicking banners because of excitement – now he is is bringing back the excitement to the internet with ads. Together with students, he tries to find out fundamentals of advertisements you would not want to scroll down.

Mantas’ experience in advertising industry counts 7 seven years: MILK, The Chocolate, Clinic 212 and bunch of other agencies.

For past several years, he’s been working with top brands in Lithuania and his great performance earned him awards in Golden Hammer, Baltic Best, Password, Adrenalinas, Login and even in PR!

Matas Pocius
Head of Email marketing unit

Matas’ portfolio counts more than 250 clients, hundreds of web pages and thousands of newsletters.

This was achieved while working with internet projects at the largest retail trade network Maxima for 5 years and at the leading web and mobile development company NFQ Technologies for more than six years.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius Matas shares the secrets of Email marketing with the students of Digital Advertising course.

Arijus Kirdeikis
Head of E-Commerce Department
Inspired UM

Arijus is a Digital marketing professional with more than 9 years experience in markets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. He has a unique combination of digital performance experience: B2B, B2C and more than 3 years in Inspired, what makes him a full scope digital performance profesional with a wide performance competence set:  SEM / SEO / Programmatic / Retargeting, DMP strategies / Segmentation / CRM / DM / SMS/ Marketing automation / UI / UX / etc.