Creativity Training

Creativity Training Starts in Fall of 2020


For a hundred times already, we’ve heard that we’re born creative and only later we learn to become non-creative. But how to get rid of this gained anti-creativity? Where to find curiosity and imagination hidden ages ago?

You need to train for that, and effective training needs top-level trainers. In this course, there will be seven of them because if creativity was a sport, it would be at least pentathlon.


After this course, you’ll be able to write CREATIVE in all-caps in your CV. You’ll definitely feel stronger about this than about those French classes you had back in high school.

Our ambition is to democratize creativity. It shouldn’t be the privilege of creative industries only. It allows you to enjoy various activities, helps with problem-solving and enhances the feeling of fulfillment in your life. That is why creativity should be available to everyone.


  • Start date
    Starts in Fall of 2020
  • Duration
    7 weeks
  • Price
  • Daily schedule
    once a week from 18 to 20-21
  • Location


Jurgis Didžiulis
Social alchemist, edutainer, creative campaigner

Jurgis is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, this Colombian-Lithuanian proves that an artist can do much more than just entertain; he can transform, enlighten and inspire.

His colorful background, ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats effortlessly and connect with audiences in arenas packed with thousands of people, corporate boardrooms, government institutions, and kindergartens alike.

Rimantas Stanevičius
Creative director

Rimantas is the head of New Media at TAG Vilnius. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands from every industry one can imagine. P&G, Philip Morris, Ikea, Eurosport, L’Oreal. Retail, politics and financial services. Milk, seven times agency of the year in Lithuania, number one agency in the Baltics for three consecutive years and a holder of the creative case at Golden Hammer, has been working with Telco brands in throughout the Baltics and in most of CIS countries.

Having a psychology and communication science background Rimantas is currently pursuing his EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, playing accordion and doing triathlons.

Vytautas V. Landsbergis
Rašytojas, bardas, režisierius

Vytauto veiklų sąrašą būtų galima tęsti ir tęsti, tad veikiausiai, nėra ko stebėtis, kad jis buvo įvertintas ne vienu Lietuvos kultūros apdovanojimu. 2007 metais Baltijos valstybių teatrų festivalyje Panevėžyje V. V. Landsbergis pripažintas geriausiu režisieriumi. Tais pačiais metais jam įteiktas Riterio kryžius „Už nuopelnus Lietuvai“, o 2009 m. tapo LR Vyriausybės kultūros ir meno premijos laureatu.

Balys Latėnas
Aktorius, režisierius

Balys 1998 metais baigė Vilniaus Tuskulėnų vidurinę mokyklą su sustiprintu dailės ugdymu. 1998-2002 metais studijos Lietuvos muzikos akademijoje, režisieriaus Rimo Tumino vadovaujamame aktorių kurse. 2000 m. pagal Socrates / Erasmus programą buvo išvykęs studijuoti į Suomijos Helsinkio teatro akademiją. 2003-2008 metais režisūros magistrantūros studijos Lietuvos teatro ir muzikos akademijoje (vadovas R.Tuminas). Nuo 2002 metų dirba Valstybiniame Vilniaus mažąjame teatre. Nuo 2009 metų Improvizacijos teatro „Kitas kampas“ trupės narys. Laisvai samdomas TV, teatro ir renginių režisierius.

Marius Lukošius
Creative director
Not Perfect Vilnius

During 19 years in advertising, Marius has worked with almost every major brand in Lithuania and won numerous awards in various local and international creativity festivals, including Cannes Lion.

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