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Brand Managers TBA


Advertiser, brand, client… You can call them as you wish. But the truth is that working as a Brand Manager is one of the best work experiences existing.

The work of the person in charge of the brand strategy within the Marketing or Communication department goes much further than saying ‘I like it’, ‘I do not like it’, etc. You have to know the strategy of the brand, the consumer and the market, without forgetting communication and design. While Marketing focuses on market management, Branding is about the management of brands. That is why our course is called Brand Manager – an organization focused on the brand is an organization that thinks about the future and not only the present. If you also think about the future, this course is for you.

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  • Start date
  • Duration
    13 weeks
  • Price
    Early birds - 1450€, later - 1575€ (+VAT for businesses)
  • Daily schedule
    Three times a week from Monday to Thursday at 18:00 - 21:00
  • Location
  • Language


Dominyka Jonušienė
PILDYK brand manager

8 years of experience at the biggest creative agencies (from junior project manager to the head of client service), 8 more – on client’s side (from the manager of a sunbeds studio to the brand manager at the largest telecommunications company).

Dominyka is responsible for one of the biggest marketing budgets in Lithuania. She works with strongest creative, media planning, BTL and digital agencies with the result of more than 50 ATL, 25 digital, 10 BTL campaigns.

Andrius Bagdzevičius
Marketing manager
Švyturys – Utenos alus

For 8 years, Andrius has been brewing in different marketing roles in a leading beer company in Lithuania, one of the biggest in FMCG sector. He became passionate about beer after leading Švyturys and Raudonų Plytų brands for some years and believes that it is much more than a drink.

Having his experience with very competitive and complex market of beer, Andrius would share more about brand positioning, differentiation, product portfolio and brand renovation.

Tomas Burovas

Tomas is currently a CEO at second biggest TV&Broadband Operator in Lithuania, Cgates.

He is an International Business Manager with over 20 years strong experience in creating company portfolios, sales and brand strategies, brand management, fostering agency relationships.

Experienced in B2C, B2B and work in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Strong in vision and strategy, brand migrations, project management, media understanding, ATL, BTL, teamwork, team leadership, facilitation, result & customer service orientation as well as creative thinking.

Jonas Banys
Ogilvy Vilnius

Jonas, a graduate of the School of Journalism in Vilnius, started his career in Communications as an investigative reporter, then took a sharp turn towards advertising. Since then he’s been working with marketing and brand-building strategies for major Lithuanian brands.

As a side business, he is also a screenwriter, having written or co-written scripts for some of the most successful commercial movies in Lithuania.

Jonas has his own opinion about advertising, so he’s in the best position to teach how not to get carried away by the weed-infused glamor of this business.

Domantas Gailius
Inspired UM

Domantas is a great specialist of communication strategy, segmentation, writing, digital and conventional media.

Since his early days, he has been curious about everything and has grown into social science practitioner and storyteller.

Domantas’ passion is to absorb leading marketing ideas, mix with imagination, and invent communication strategies which deliver real business growth for some of Baltics largest brands.

Antonio Bechtle
Partner / Creative director
Bechtle & Milzarajs

Antonio, the head of the Creativity course, took his first steps in advertising as a Copywriter at Leo Burnett Lima, later assumed the position of Senior Copywriter in the Peruvian branch of JWT.

After moving to Lithuania, continued his career at Not Perfect Y&R Vilnius, later – at The Milk, the most awarded agency in Baltics, where he spent 7 years starting as a Senior Copywriter leading to Creative Director.

Now Antonio works with international clients as a freelance senior copywriter / creative director and still shares his experience with TAG students.

Laura Aleksandravičė

Laura is the founder of a specialized influencer marketing agency While working as the head of marketing for Lithuania at Adidas and Reebok, she has created award-winning influencer marketing campaigns. Now Laura shares her experience based on global practice with local and international brands in the Baltic States. is a specialized agency building influencer marketing strategies and implementing authentic, involving and effective campaigns allowing brands to reach the target audience with a vast net of influencers in the Baltic region.

Salomėja Normantaitė

Salomėja’s journey from promo girl to the head of one of the strongest BTL agencies in the Baltics – TOTEM – lasts 15 years already. Her experience progressed while working not only with an organized creative team but also with the most famous brands from Lithuania and abroad. At The Atomic Garden Salomėja will be sharing her knowledge about the challenges, potential and sometimes the tough reality of BTL.

Matas Pocius
Head of Email marketing unit

Matas’ portfolio counts more than 250 clients, hundreds of web pages and thousands of newsletters.

This was achieved while working with internet projects at the largest retail trade network Maxima for 5 years and at the leading web and mobile development company NFQ Technologies for more than six years.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius Matas shares the secrets of Email marketing with the students of Digital Advertising course.

Jonas Paulauskas

Jonas started his carrier in advertising working as Project Manager in McCann Vilnius. He managed major campaigns and projects for Nestlé brands. After few years of successful cooperation with the client, he joined Nestlé Baltics team where he managed brands and later developed a career in Sales and Category development area.

During 20 years in Nestlé, he accumulated experience in managing sales organization, distribution channels, generating category and shopper insights and transforming brand plans to category growth strategies.

At TAG Vilnius he will share practical learnings and insights on how brand power can be transformed to engaging shopper experience.

Tomas Nemura
Choco Agency

The head of Digital Advertising course, Tomas is the managing director at Choco Agency – one of the main digital agencies in Lithuania.

For the past decade, he has been advising major Lithuanian brands and companies on shaping their communication strategies and making clients see how equally important social media channels are in today’s advertising world. Tomas works with very important clients such as Tele2, Wrigley, Nescafe, Skittles, Maxima and many others.


Indrė Baltušė
Co-founder & Strategist

Indrė is an experienced strategist of brands and marketing communication, working in this field for more than 14 years. After 10 years’ experience in advertising and public relations agencies, for the last 5 years she’s been managing her branding and digital agencies.

Having her experience with a wide range of strategic brand management, marketing communication, at TAG Vilnius Indrė will share her knowledge of brand identity strategy, it`s creation, brand management, and growth.

Rita Šimkutė
Head of Brand & CEM
Lietuvos draudimas

Rita, together with the team, drives several areas of the business in Lietuvos Draudimas: brand, marketing communication, research, and customer experience. As in any business organisation, those areas are directed towards the results. Rita follows the approach, that communication and brand do not have to be only ‘beautiful’ – they, at first, have to be inspiring and effective. And it is very good if they are beautiful, too.

Rita‘s experience is related to work in the creative agency (working with the largest finance and telco clients), and also with work on the client‘s side. Valuable experience, gained in a creative agency, contributed to the possibilities to gain more business areas in Lietuvos Draudimas: starting from the management of communication for two products, towards wider areas of brand and all communication, research, and customer experience.

Aurelija Pocienė
Sales and marketing director
Melt Water

Aurelija is an experienced Brand Manager working in the field of marketing for over 12 years. She has been working as Private label Brand Manager for the biggest retailer in Baltic region for almost 6 years.

At TAG Vilnius course for Brand Managers, Aurelija will share her experience and insights about how retailers are suffering or winning with their own brands (private labels). Different approaches or different strategies may be used but at the end… the customer decides.