Advertising Strategy

Advertising Strategy


If creativity is the art of exploring new paths, strategic planning is the beacon that illuminates. Strategist is the person who cares to understand brands, classify their public and know the competition and then with that information, get answers and even better: questions that open the door to new creative solutions. No matter where he works – agency’s or client’s side.

Listen, think, speak. These are the tools that will perfect during strategy planning thanks to which you will find that you are able to analyse, plan and ultimately illuminate.

In Advertising Strategy course you will cover all the steps of the strategic process: starting with the client brief, going through different phases of analysis, pursuit of insights, putting together a brief and finishing with the evaluation of creative work.

Everything in the course is based on learn by doing guiding principle – each strategy topic is accompanied by practical sessions and workshops run by guest lecturers.You will meet a number of strategy experts that will walk you through extended strategy topics: brand building, consumer and category analysis and communication planning.

Since the course is not just about strategic tools and frameworks but much more about developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, it’s not going to be an easy ride. After the journey and real-life strategic challenges, you will graduate with the know-how and the practical skills of how to handle brand building and development.

Here you have a course programme to download:

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  • Duration
  • Price
    2680€ for individuals (+VAT for businesses)
  • Entry fee
  • Daily schedule
    5 classes a week. 18.30 - 20.00 and 20.00 - 21.30
  • Location
  • Language
    Lithuanian / English


Daiva Tonkūnienė
Managing director
DDB Vilnius

The co-head of Advertising Strategy course, Daiva joined DDB Vilnius in 1998 and smoothly went through several stages of its development: from the tiny start to one of the largest agencies in Lithuania. She handled accounts and contributed to the growth of top Lithuanian brands: Omnitel, Maxima, Akropolis, TEO, Swedbank, etc.

The campaigns she coordinated were awarded in both local and international advertising festivals. Daiva has experience on client’s side too: six years she was responsible for briefing agencies as the Head of private customers marketing departments at TEO.

Audrius Feigelovičius
Strategic planner
Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius

The co-head of Advertising Strategy course, Audrius teaches how to manage numbers and guides students on the way straight to the action of making a pitch.

While Audrius was the Head of Y&R | Not Perfect Riga office, they used to call him “the lithuanian, who wins it all” there. And that’s what he does. Not only in the festivals and contests of advertising but also at the table of chess – strategist from tips to toes.


Robertas Skiauteris

Robertas is an experienced planner who has worked with all the largest Lithuanian brands. He believes that the core of communication is not the brand or its message, but the human.

That is why Robertas spends much more time talking to people trying to understand the nature of their decisions rather than analysing researches or planning positioning.

At TAG Vilnius Robertas introduces the tactical use of communication channels and expands students’ knowledge about the roles of digital and content strategy in communication planning.
Andrius Grigorjevas
Partner / strategy & research

A strategist with a unique blend of knowledge in semiotics, international brand and consumer research methodologies, and trend forecasting.

Having started as a researcher for international brands spanning more than ten markets across the globe, he later worked with strategic projects across the Baltic States and headed interdisciplinary strategic teams.

Andrius is a lecturer at Vilnius University, KOG institute of marketing and communication, The Atomic Garden Vilnius and a guest lecturer at Tartu University.

Domantas Gailius
Inspired UM

Domantas is a great specialist of communication strategy, segmentation, writing, digital and conventional media.

Since his early days, he has been curious about everything and has grown into social science practitioner and storyteller.

Domantas’ passion is to absorb leading marketing ideas, mix with imagination, and invent communication strategies which deliver real business growth for some of Baltics largest brands.

Rene Fischer
Partner / strategy & consulting

In marketing communications since age 15, he has always been between creative and strategic roles, uniting the disciplines.

Lived and worked in 20+ countries as a Creative Director, Strategist, entrepreneur, as well as consultant. His clients feature any industry imaginable, and stretch from local champions to large multinationals.

Rene is a regular lecturer at industry events as well as the Institute of Design in Hamburg and TAG Vilnius, and runs innovation and brand workshops for companies around the globe.

Dominyka Jonušienė
PILDYK brand manager

8 years of experience at the biggest creative agencies (from junior project manager to the head of client service), 8 more – on client’s side (from the manager of a sunbeds studio to the brand manager at the largest telecommunications company).

Dominyka is responsible for one of the biggest marketing budgets in Lithuania. She works with strongest creative, media planning, BTL and digital agencies with the result of more than 50 ATL, 25 digital, 10 BTL campaigns.

Dovydas Kėdikas
Account director
Adell Taivas Ogilvy

Highly skilled Dovydas counts his seventh year at one of the biggest agencies in the region.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius he guides students through the phases of the project management process.

Furthermore, he explains how to successfully manage negotiations and how to keep a good balance of satisfaction between client and the agency in general.

Jonas Banys
Adell Taivas Ogilvy

Jonas, a graduate of the School of Journalism in Vilnius, started his career in Communications as an investigative reporter, then took a sharp turn towards advertising. Since then he’s been working with marketing and brand-building strategies for major Lithuanian brands.

As a side business, he is also a screenwriter, having written or co-written scripts for some of the most successful commercial movies in Lithuania.

Jonas has his own opinion about advertising, so he’s in the best position to teach how not to get carried away by the weed-infused glamor of this business.

Gintė Ramanauskaitė
Account director
Adell Taivas Ogilvy
Account Director counting 7th years of accounting at Adell Taivas Ogilvy. Covering different kinds of sectors: previously alcohol, nowadays – insurance and fashion, for the whole work life – telecommunications. Brand strategy is the new focus and vision in order to strengthen daily service for the clients.

At The Atomic Garden Vilnius Gintė shares real experiences and practices she has experienced in different cases.

Gediminas Užkuraitis
Partner / strategy & concepts

A creative with business prowess, or a strategist with creative expertise? He is both, and they go well together:

Previously working for classic agencies, brand strategy consultancies and startups as a creative strategist (or a strategic creative?), he reached industry acclaim, including a Golden Euro EFFIE.

Gediminas is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and The Atomic Garden Vilnius, where he now lectures in both creativity and digital courses.

Simas Bačiulis
Account director
Adell Taivas Ogilvy

Account Director at Adell Taivas Ogilvy counts 10 years of experience, managing biggest projects and biggest clients in Lithuania and Baltic states.

Focus areas: Finance sector (SEB brand in Baltic states for more than 5 years) and Alcohol sector (Utenos beer, Dlight, Stumbras and other alcohol brands).

At TAG Vilnius he presents the terminology of advertising, most common used words at the agency and client real-life. Also, as having a decent experience of integrated and content marketing projects, he shares his knowledge of the key lessons he had during the process.

Daiva Plauškaitė - Camacho Andrade
Business development manager
Socialinės Informacijos Centras

Daiva has been working in research business for 14 years, moving from Kantar TNS to Mindshare and now working at Socialinės Informacijos Centras. Her experience covers working with a wide range of top brands like Nestle, Tele2, SEB, IKI. She was recognized among Global TOP50 experts of NeedScope research in 2016, also she took a leading role for NeedScope development in Nordic&Baltic.

Looking for “why” in everyone’s behavior sometimes might look intimidating, but it is crucial if you want true consumer insights. At TAG Vilnius Daiva shares her experience about consumers and how their needs can be reflected in brand strategy.

Tomas Bartninkas
Strategy director
McCann | Vilnius

Tomas Bartninkas joined McCann Vilnius team in last millennium and he’s still alive. He is strategy director and daily fight for brand visions gives energy not to become a boring dinosaur.

Tomas has real experience in working and building both local Lithuanian and international brands up to Kazakhstan.

According to him, the saint trio is: consumer insights, subcultural tendencies, and analysis of best-worst branding cases all over the world. This helped to have in his CV successful brand stories and first Cannes Lion in Lithuania.


Antonio Bechtle
Partner / Creative director
Bechtle & Milzarajs

Antonio, the head of the Creativity course, took his first steps in advertising as a Copywriter at Leo Burnett Lima, later assumed the position of Senior Copywriter in the Peruvian branch of JWT.

After moving to Lithuania, continued his career at Not Perfect Y&R Vilnius, later – at The Milk, the most awarded agency in Baltics, where he spent 7 years starting as a Senior Copywriter leading to Creative Director.

Now Antonio works with international clients as a freelance senior copywriter / creative director and still shares his experience with TAG students.

Donatas Pačėsa
Account director
Not Perfect | Y&R Vilnius

Donatas started his career in IDEA, continued at TBWA\Vilnius and currently works at Y&R | Not Perfect Vilnius as an account director. He is used to manning the most serious accounts: from daily supervision of communication giants Maxima, Volfas Engelman, Swedbank or Credit24 to a fatherly nurture of numerous smaller accounts.

From his point of view, the agency is actually a business consulting partner and there’s always a bigger picture to look for when advising a client on any communication matter.

Donatas is helping young strategy planners of TAG to become agency-worthy masterminds.