Jonas Venckūnas Creativity in Advertising Creative // Adell Taivas Ogilvy

I had been thinking a long time before joining TAG, had many doubts whether the school would justify my expectations. Now I can safely say that it was more than worth it. I met a number of industry professionals, in half a year learned more than others learn in 4 years at the University and, of course, I got the desired and beloved work. What else can you wish for?

Ugnius Mikšta Creativity in Advertising Copywriter // DDB Vilnius

In the spare time of making edible masterpieces, partying, missing out on sleeping, expanding the boundaries of randomness, finding your future best friends, co-workers and ex’s, you will also learn everything you need to know about advertising here. And you’ll do it with the help from the industry’s greats and from your lost ego.

Justina Aleksaitė Digital Advertising Account Manager // INK

I remember when during our first lecture Tomas said: “so, let’s talk about brief”, and I was like – what on Earth is that?
TAG is where I’ve learnt not to assume and not to be certain because growth requires to let go of certainty.
The Atomic Garden Vilnius was an amazing adventure like no other, shared with a group of mind-driven individuals.

Evelina Dunovska Creativity in Advertising Creative copywriter // McCann Vilnius

The Atomic Garden has taught me that it’s not what you know that makes you smart. What does, is admitting you don’t know shit. So you can ask. And find out.

Long live curiosity!

Šarūnas Šatas Digital Advertising Account Manager // Choco Agency

I found this Digital Advertising course at The Atomic Garden really beneficial – it helped me get to know the industry in a very short period of time. Also, I made a few connections that eventually led me to a really cool job. My highest recommendation.

Miglė Rimeikė Digital Advertising Co-founder // Blue Sparrow Candle Co

This course inspired me to always take one step further, even when you think that you nailed your strategy, and work to perfection. Also, that first three ideas should always go directly to trash, so you have to dig deeper!

Kristina Viskontaitė Digital Advertising Hotel Manager // Comfort Hotel LT

Digital is impossible to escape, but it is possible to manage.
This course won‘t make you a pro, but it will surely help you suck less. It will give you some ground rules of how to play, how to think more strategically.
Also, you will have a chance to meet real digital business sharks at the classes, take all the knowledge, get inspired.
The rest depends on you!

Ugnė Gaidytė Digital Advertising Account Manager // Choco Agency

TAG Vilnius is the place where question marks can be changed into brand new exclamation points. You will learn that you know nothing, and then they will lead you all the way through digital advertising jungles. And after all that, you will want more and more every day.

Taira Junusova Advertising Strategy Project Manager // Kalnapilio - Tauro Grupė

It was challenging, exhausting, excruciating yet most amazing 5 months. From being pissed about the cruel murder of your idea to the indescribable euphoria of creating something worth looking at. The decision to join TAG was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. It’s tough, it’s scary, but it’s very rewarding at the end. Because no-one is going to do stuff for you there – you’re responsible for everything you create and you have to stand by it. Being there inspires and the possibility to learn from industry’s best people is worth sacrificing nerves and sleep. All in all – loved every minute of being at TAG.

Indrė Vaičiulienė Digital Advertising Marketing Director // Robotikos Akademija

Before starting this course I had knowledge about main social media channels, but not as deep and wide as I wished. Digital Advertising gave me consistent view of all the digital media channels and how to use them. I would recommend this course for those who want to introduce themselves to social media platforms and learn more about various platforms.

Giedrė Vyšniauskaitė Digital Advertising Programming & Communication // Cinema Theatre PASAKA

Main lesson I learned – audience doesn’t owe you anything and in order to create quality content you must keep asking yourself what value you give to the user / reader. Another great thing – you gain not only theoretical knowledge, that tends to get out of the date soon, but you learn how to think in certain principles. That stays for life.

Kristina Muravjova Account Management Junior Account Manager // Adell Taivas Ogilvy

While studying here I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding but I learnt one thing: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and don’t even try to say ‘everything will be alright’, cause it means ‘stay put and do nothing’. No, DO stuff and then you will find solutions and then you will find the way to make it better. And then you will be THE account manager they need.

Agnė Kertenytė Digital Advertising Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Digital Advertising course has helped me to look deeper, to search more and to put creative ideas into practice. The skills that I acquired are very useful whenever there is a need to organize the chaos in my brain or start approaching a new brand from zero. Also, what could be better than meeting inspiring professionals of the advertising industry and learning directly from them?

Paulius Slivinskas Creativity in Advertising Art Director | UI/UX Designer

To be interesting and influential in the world of advertising, you have to learn you’re not doing it for your own expression. During the time here, TAG grew the sense for versatility in me and that’s the best thing that could’ve happened.

Indrė Gražytė Digital Advertising Digital Marketing Specialist // Saulės Spektras

Not only I’ve learned how to provide the expected value by stating the obvious in an unexpected way, I also made sure to always remember that even the craziest idea can be brought to life if you manage to grant arguments strong enough to back it up. Speaking of ideas, expect many of them to be withdrawn, but you will come up with something even greater. A little bit of constructive self-criticism won’t kill you, but it surely gives a great reason to celebrate once you’re satisfied with the result.

Natallia Alekseevna Digital Advertising Digital Marketing Strategist

I started to understand Lithuanian advertising market and how digital strategy works in practice. It was super important to build a system in my head of knowledge I had before school and got during this course. And I got it! Right now I’m working in b2b advertising. I’m doing different things: from digital strategy to rebranding, including art directing. And its really huge thanks to TAG and all lecturers! Furthermore, I guess, I’ll be back to school again for Creativity in Advertising course. Because I always want more than I have already.

Aleksandra Vorončenko Creativity in Advertising Art director | UX/UI Creative

I learned that the things happening outside advertising make your ideas rich and interesting. Sitting and staring at the computer rarely works. Go out, talk to people, try crazy things, fail, try again and again. Personal experiences make powerful ideas.

Aušra Kupliauskaitė Advertising Strategy Creative Lead // Kesko Senukai Digital

The truth is – I had many doubts about Advertising Strategy course at TAG. I didn’t know if it would be profound enough. I was not sure if it would be worth the time and the money. Now I am more than happy that I decided to risk it. I wanted to understand the processes of creating advertising campaigns or building brands. I was curious about decisions made backstage leading to creative solutions. At TAG I had a chance to learn from the best professionals in the industry that know a lot, have the experience and are amazingly passionate about advertising. That’s why I dare to say they are better teachers than many academics. I got to learn the theory that might be applied in practice, I employed tools that I didn’t know about, I got countless pieces of advice and lessons coming from real experiences. I had challenges and much fun. I saw different approaches and styles of working, which lead to an understanding that one must find his own way of thinking. We were taught to think. It was 5 months of the best overall experience whilst learning Advertising Strategy. For all of this, thank you, TAG!